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Construction of new building.

Here is a new building I’m working on. I designed it based on a picture of a building in Soho, NY. A gallery or retail space on the first floor, and offices/lofts/studios above. It will be topped by a detailed cornice similar to that of the first level, but larger and with more ornamentation.

The current state of Lego town.

Some updated detail shots of Lego town life. These structures are custom designs.




Starting a new custom building.

I ordered a bunch of Lego pieces from some BrickLink stores yesterday to get started.  Dark red and dark green pieces are hard to come by.

Brownstone Details

Some of detail shots of the brownstone building I designed.


I received Lego pieces I ordered online. We will proceed to build out sidewalks and platforms with tiles, and build some fences and other cityscape elements.

Lego Scenes

Some ideas for ‘daily life’ lego scenes.  I hope to refine and create photo studies of Lego life that mirror reality.

Reconstruction begins.

Well, I’ve unpacked most of the Lego pieces we had in the old town.  We built some new buildings from kits (lots of help from the girls) and added them.  But

The beginnings

since they’re laid out edge to edge on a base, I’m finding it challenging to line them up on the road bases with realistic curbs.  I also wish we had more space, the new town will be smaller than the last.  We’ll make up for it in detail.

More to come, so check back soon!